Stuff I Totally Like!

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Pira on WHEEL OF FORTUNE (2008)

Pira on THE PRICE IS RIGHT (2000)

Worship. Workplace. Witness. (aka my coaching business)

Gospel-centered Transformation. (The school from where I graduated)

Tons of awesome Gospel-centered resources. MP3s. Videos. Articles.

The ministry of Pastor John Piper. My son’s middle name came from this servant of God.

The ministry of Pastor Mark Driscoll. We went to Israel and Greece with this church. They’re legit!

Don’t plan to get married unless you attend this awesome event first. If you’re already married, don’t go another year without putting this on your MUST-DO list together as a couple! Use GROUP CODE: “PIRA” to save big on registration.

Dave Ramsey’s course on money has taught me more about money than anyone has in my first 33 years of life.

This saved me a ton of money throughout seminary. I highly recommend it. Use this link to get started:

This saved me even MORE money throughout seminary. I doubly highly recommend it. Best use of my tax-payer dollars! Hands down!

Always a new free audio book offer each month.


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