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2014 Pira Headshot 2

Pira Tritasavit has been following Jesus since 1993. He has been happily married to his best friend Venus Tritasavit since 2007, and became a daddy to Ezekiel Piper Tritasavit in 2011.

He earned a Master of Divinity from Western Seminary in 2011 and serves as a worship leader and Associate Pastor at New Life Church of the Nazarene in his hometown of San Francisco.

Pira has worked as a recruiter for Western Seminary, taught middle school and high school at Cornerstone Academy, held a series of administrative jobs at UCSF, helped with the 2010 US Census Bureau, and even did a stint in a fortune cookie factory.

He founded Kingdom Professionals Coaching with the aim of helping Christians bring their Sundays into their workdays. Pira coaches couples preparing for marriage, and is also a certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator.

Pira loves music, reading, cooking, and dating his wife. He is a game show junkie and has been a contestant on The Price is Right with Bob Barker and Wheel of Fortune with Pat Sajak.

Pira is gripped by the Gospel and is constantly wowed by the reality that Jesus is God, King, Savior, Lord and Friend. Pira wrestles with sin daily, and is overcome by the limitless grace of His great Savior. He is always amazed and grateful for the love and forgiveness that freely flows from the heart of God!



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