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October 17, 2014 by piratritasavit

I love baseball. I love Giants. I love Jesus. I love when baseball players and Giants specifically also give glory to Jesus.

So here is Travis Ishikawa:

Some great articles here:

“I thought about retiring,” [Ishikawa] said. “I was trying to figure out something else where I could be home and make money.”…“Thank God I stuck with it,” he said.

“For all the wives or parents who might be trying to convince a baseball player to grow up and abandon his dream, Travis Ishikawa just ruined things.”


And here’s more from the epic night that was!


And just for laughs — this was posted on Facebook before the Giants played the Pirates in the 1-game wildcard playoff. “EXPERTS” weigh in on their World Series predictions.

POSTED this on Facebook on OCT 1 – before the wildcard game.

I’ll just leave this right here: (Sep 28 video on ESPN)

“Expert” 1: Angels v. Nats
“Expert” 2: Tigers v. Nats
“Expert” 3: Angels v. Cards
“Expert” 4: Tigers v. Nats

Anyone notice who’s missing from the predictions?
‪#‎YESYESYES‬ ‪#‎VamosGigantes‬


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