New Song, New Job

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August 3, 2014 by piratritasavit

Thanks for following Pira’s blog.

Here are 2 recent updates and transitions I wanted to let you know about.

Glory Gained - Cover mp3_red_final white

First off, Venus and I launched a Kickstarter project that was successfully funded (tripled our initial goal with the help of some very generous backers)!

We co-wrote a hymn entitled “Glory Gained” (Venus wrote the words and I wrote music) to honor the memory of our daughter Fia Jae who would have turned 1 this past July.

The hymn is almost ready to be released, and we are really excited at how the song has developed through the production thus far. Here is a link to the video of our Kickstarter Project:

We worked with Tim Ouyang (of the band Tim Be Told) who produced our recording and arranged for some amazing musicians who added their talents to the track: Andrew Chae (Guitar) and Michael Lu (Strings)


This morning (Sunday, Aug 3rd) I was honored to debut the song live at Sunset Church (SF). I shared Fia Jae’s story and a testimony of God’s faithfulness with a group of students at the invitation of my good friend and mentor, Cecil Wong.

Again, we are so excited to share the song with you really soon.
Stay tuned for its release later this month.



hack reactor

Secondly, I will begin a new job downtown at a company called Hack Reactor on Monday, August 4th. I am joining the Instruction Team as a Student Advocate. I’m really excited to bring my educational and coaching skill sets into their world-class learning environment.

The Student Advocate position is a student-facing (non-tech) role. I’m really excited about the opportunity to encourage, coach and develop software engineers in their “non-tech” skills as they go through the intensive 12-week program.

As a teacher of the Word, I know how important it is to practice what we preach, to “walk the talk”. I’m praying for opportunities to shine with GRACE and TRUTH through my attitude, actions, and overall excellence while building relationships and trust through one-on-one conversations and small group sessions.


Finally, I will continue coaching clients through Kingdom Professionals Coaching as time allows.

I am available to coach individuals & married/pre-married couples as well as present workshops to your church, small group or company.

Connect here to discover if coaching is a fit for you:

I will also continue to accept invitations to preach and guest speak at church retreats, Sunday worship services, and other events as our new schedule allows.


That’s all for now.

Trust me, there’s a lot more still to come.

In the meantime, thanks again for following the blog!




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