Team Tritasavit 2013 – WALKING…FOR LIFE!

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September 20, 2013 by piratritasavit


One year ago, we walked up and down hills in the Outer Mission, ringing doorbells and delivering care packages!  By participating in Alpha Pregnancy Center’s (APC) Walk for Life, we not only raised money to support this local ministry, we were able to offer hope and life to families in our neighborhood.   APC used the money raised in last year’s walk to start an ultrasound program, which offers families their first glimpses of their babies.


Our family’s goal last year was to raise $500, and with the outpouring of generous supporters, we more than doubled our goal and raised $1035!

This year, we are aiming higher. Much higher!

For 2013, we would like to raise $2000 for Alpha Pregnancy Center’s continued mission in our city!

Could it happen?  Are we crazy?

Yes. And YES!

So many overwhelming emotions and realities can affect families in crisis pregnancies, and we know that an ultrasound and a compassionate counselor are so helpful to making decisions for life.

We know the power of an ultrasound to capture the beauty of the smallest life.  The recent birth and homegoing of our daughter, Fia Jae, gave us increased perspective on the preciousness of life in the womb.

Although we never got to hear our little girl’s heartbeat outside of the womb, we had the chance to see and hear her heart through ultrasounds.  Through regular doctor’s appointments, we watched Fia Jae grow, turn, kick, and even once, high five us through the black and white screen!


(our daughter’s HIGH FIVE via ultrasound in June 2013)

It breaks our heart to think that many families do not have access to affordable ultrasounds.  With the help of generous supporters, APC is working to make it happen.

           So will you walk with us?

                          Will you support us?

$2000 might sound like a lot, but with your help, we can reach and even surpass our goal!

And our God is able. $2000 is not too big a goal for Him.

We are aiming for:

2 givers at the $1000 level.

                   Or 2000 givers at the $1 level.

                                . . . Or a happy mix of anything in between. 

We will be more than grateful for whatever amount you are able to give.   

Here are 4 simple ways to show your support!

1. GIVE ONLINE by clicking here:

2. SHARE our cause by reposting this blog on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

3. WALK with us by registering yourself or your team ($30 before Oct 5 / $40 after Oct 5)

4. PRAY for the ongoing ministry of Alpha Pregnancy Center. Learn more about their amazing work here –

We’ve got one month to reach our goal! You can be a part of making it happen. Let’s do this together!

With gratitude,

Pira, Venus and Zeke Tritasavit


(at our Church’s baby dedication in June 2013, prior to Fia Jae’s arrival in July)

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