July 17, 2013 by piratritasavit


One week ago today, our baby girl Fia Jae Tritasavit was delivered.

Here are some of my reflections on Fia Jae in a poem I wrote a few days after her passing.


For Fia Jae Tritasavit, our Trisomy 18 Princess
(Born 7/10/13 at 6:08am, Kaiser Redwood City
2.86 lbs, 14 in long, 39 weeks and 3 days alive in the womb of mommy)

The sun on your skin —
         As we raised you high
         In worship to the Son of God —
Touching the precious flesh of
Our dear princess

Life swallowed you up whole
As mommy pushed you into the
Everlasting Arms
Of the Savior

Asleep on earth
Alive in eternity

No breath like the breath of God
With which you now inhabit
              The life you now inherit
Sweet little daughter of mine
Of ours

Though we forfeit the wedding-aisle walk
                          The awkward sex talk
                          The trauma and drama of your teens
We rejoice because your Groom redeems
And not a moment too soon

So eighteen had a bonus third
Still Jesus has the Final Word
And trust demands the flow of tears
While waves of sadness unsuspected
Ebb and flow
By the minutes and memories

Your big brother loves you
Your mommy and daddy adore you
And for twelve precious hours that were ours
To capture our family with you near

A surreal day indeed
Where birth and death met
With a bittersweet kiss

Run, fly, dance
And flail your arms

Twirl, leap
In worship and wonder
And wholeness and holiness
In fullness and in faith made sight

The glory of God shines bright
Into the dimly lit shade of our temporal mortality

My daughter and princess
He is your light — the Son in whom you now radiate 
With life evermore

Anticipating the day when our family hug
Is swallowed up in the Arms of Love Himself
And life that truly is life
Is found in a face to face embrace
With the Lover of our souls

(c) 2013 Pira Tritasavit

5 thoughts on “A Poem for FIA JAE TRITASAVIT

  1. so beautiful, Pira. thank you.

  2. Kathy G says:

    Pira, such a lovely poem!! Our family’s prayers for you and Venus.

  3. Olivia Asir says:

    God bless you for your love of Him and faith in Him. You are a tremendous witness to the power of God through the valleys of life. Your poem gave me hope and strength through my struggle to love God and be faithful to Him. Thank You.

  4. Daniel Chan says:

    Crying as I read your post, yet inspired by your faithfulness to God. To God be the glory!

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