Digging Deep Down

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June 4, 2013 by piratritasavit

Joshua Harris, sometimes referred to as the Kissed Dating Goodbye guy, has so much more to his writing than those titles about teenaged (anti) romance. As a pastor in Maryland, and through the mentorship of CJ Mahaney, Harris has grown into a mature, humble, deep thinker whose preaching and writing excel in edifying the body of Christ at large.

In Dug Down Deep, he maintains a very pastoral and personal tone, bringing theology from the pulpit to the people. In one of the opening chapters, he makes reference to the Amish rite of passage known as Rumspringa and connects it with his own tendencies towards religion over relationship with Christ.

He even includes some stick figure sketches (reminiscent of Don Miller’s Blue Like Jazz sketches of Don Rabbit and Sexy Carrot).

Dug Down Deep is a readable, digestible, and thoughtful read for Christians at all ranges of the maturity spectrum. I even passed a copy along to a recent college graduate who is young in her faith.


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